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Community 2.0 - What & Why

What is Community 2.0?

A Web 2.0 Community is an online community that can be large or small, public or private, organized or free form, but ( to my mind ) they all have three main characteristics:

  • Always Available ( 24/7 )
  • Inherently Global
  • The Community Continues Over Time ( even as members come and go )

Why Create a Web 2.0 Community?

To me the best use of a Web 2.0 Community is to recreate off line gatherings like :

  • A Church Picnic
  • A Farmer's Market
  • A School Lunchroom

In each case the organizers have a purpose or cause that they want to promote and support

  • A Fellowship of Faith
  • Fresh Food & Local Producers
  • Educational Community & Comradery

These are all examples of what has been called a Third Place. When you are in a Third Place you can do more or less what ever you like, but you are all there because you share interests or beliefs with the group and the cause and community are greatly enriched by that shared interest or belief.

Community 2.0 allows almost anyone to build a global, 24/7 Third Place for your ideas or your cause.

Join The Community and read or write articles on these themes in the Discussion Forums provided in this Web 2.0 community.


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