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  • There are NO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets or Tricks

    Posted by Alan / on 01/19/2010 / 2 Comments

    Categories: Search Engine Optimization

    Provided you're working with the right web strategy & development company - the necessary on-site SEO requirements will be built into your content management system and shown to you - if not - you're with the wrong company or freelance dude.

    The books and articles have been written and Google has been VERY clear about the foundation of on-site SEO - bottom-line as small business owners - you don't need to hire an SEO consultant, buy information on the subject or go to a seminar - It's just not necessary... at this point it should be included in your website development/design package ..

  • Why Open Source Website Frameworks are Not Best for Small Business People

    Posted by Alan / on 01/15/2010 / 2 Comments

    Categories: Open Source Website Framework

    It's important to note - As I clearly diminish the benefits small business people will experience from using the two primary open source website frameworks, this is strictly been my experience. I've been in the web design, development and marketing space for small business for over 13 years and have virtually seen and worked with it all.

    It's likely some may disagree with what I'm about to share and it's the main reason I will only speak to my experience - working in the field, versus regurgitating industry speak so to sound educated about the matter.

    I spent 3 long arduous ..


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