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  • Systemic Overload ?

    Posted by Stewart / on 03/29/2010 / 3 Comments

    Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by social media? If you are anything like me you like to think of yourself as progressive and feel an urge to keep on top of current trends - especially if they impact your business niche. That said, I find myself saying, "UNCLE !"

    The GOOD news of technology:

    • Next best thing to telepathic communication - we are all connected
    • The earth is your marketplace
    • Getting your message out is easy in many mediums
    • The energy level and response time is ratcheted up

    The BAD:

    • It is definitely addictive
    • You are never done
    • It just ..
  • The Power of 2.0 Community

    Posted by Stewart / on 02/01/2010 / 1 Comment

    No article this week...but I have posted a lengthly piece in respons to Russel's opening discussion so please head over and comment!

  • 3. Powerful Negotiating

    Posted by Stewart / on 01/25/2010 / 3 Comments

    This week I am going to return to covering my 20 keys for resolving and preventing conflict.

    In the mid 1990's I was conducting seminars on negotiation and conflict resolution for an international educational company.  Part of my job was to sell learning resources - other people's program. One of the resources for the course I was teaching was a program called "Secrets of Power Negotiating" The title made me cringe! I'm sure most of you are aware that within the world of negotiating there is a body of work around "principled negotiation" and then there is the the universe of ..


    Posted by Stewart / on 01/18/2010 / 1 Comment

    Conflict is challenging enough to resolve in the F2F world. The opportunities to both create conflict and the ability to quickly resolve it are magnified when we are working virtually. One of the keys to being able to quickly resolve conflict and get back to collaboration is the mind set or attitude we bring. I call it "Resolutionary Thinking." Follow the ten principles that make up the attitude of resolution. I suggest that if you learn to think from a Resolutionary perspective you will have a much greater chance of relationships based on sustainable collaboration.       


    The first principle-abundance-is ..

  • Listening is The Critical Most Important Skill

    Posted by Stewart / on 01/11/2010 / 2 Comments

    The only way to resolve conflict is to listen to what they have to say. Until you stop thinking about yourself, your position, and what you'll say next you have no chance to resolve the conflict.

    Listening is the most underrated of communication skills. People think that good listeners are great communicators and they become more interested in you.

    Here are what I believe are the key behaviors that the best listeners embody:

    > Let you speak, without interrupting

    > Attentive body language and eye-contact

    > Ask good questions

    > Show empathy

    > Remember and follow-up as appropriate including promised action   ..

  • The Real Source of Conflict

    Posted by Stewart / on 01/02/2010 / 4 Comments

    A few weeks ago I posted 20 keys for creating the freedom of a conflit free life. One of the comments I recieved was that each of the 20 keys I posted could stand alone as a worthy post. I decided to take that comment to heart and say a bit more about each one of the tips over the next few weeks and months. Here is the original key:

    All conflict takes place at the level of personality. The real fight is never about what people say they are fighting about. The real fight is the clash of egos and ..

  • Critical Key's for Creating Sustainable Partnerships

    Posted by Stewart / on 12/21/2009 / 3 Comments

         It is much easier not to exercise or brush your teeth in the morning. It is much simpler just to get on with your day. Although stopping to form an agreement before moving forward is more tedious than moving into action immediately, it will not likely produce the results you desire. It's the difference between



                                                             Ready... Aim... Fire 

    The later is much more effective because it provides clear direction before action. This is true for all collaborative activities - teams, professional relationships, sales transactions, customer service, and implementing marketing activities.  

         When introducing ..


    Posted by Stewart / on 12/14/2009 / 4 Comments


    1. The Real Source of Conflict

    All conflict takes place at the level of personality. The real fight is never about what people say they are fighting about. The real fight is the clash of egos and personalities that causes people to hold onto the energy and intensity of the fight. Once the interpersonal aspect of the conflict is brought into focus the fight will stop and people will creatively resolve the conflict. It's true in divorces, families, partnerships teams and organizations.  

    2. Listening is The Critical ..


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