Spamming Vs. Building Crediabilty via Best Practices

Posted by Jonathan David / on 01/20/2010 / 2 Comments

In answer to a clients question about using a un-named mailing services to promote a product:

Lets talk about spam.
Do you like spam?
Do you open spam?
Do you want to be associated with spam?

ICAN law requires that you opt-into an Email marketing campaign.
If you Email to a list of people that have not opted in... you are a spammer.

xxxxXXX is a reputable firm for direct mail.
There are much more targeted and reputable ways of promoting a product.

Write articles about Health, Water and Nutrition and post them to your hosted blog.
Re-post these articles to relevant article services like Ezine Articles and Earticles among others.
Then watch your excellent ideas spread around the web.
This is how you build credibility and gain Excellent Organic search engine placement... not by spamming people.

Spamming also lowers the respectability of a product and I bet that Xxxxx has a strict policy against it.

If you want to gain market share:

Educate, build credibility and trust.

Another excellent idea is targeted online advertising via Google Adwords, Bing or Yahoo search engines with placement into relevant content networks ( i.e: host sites that are running Google Adsense for other network affiliates running other content campaigns)

I am happy to help you drive Traffic to your site...that's what I do.. but never via Spam.

Now... If you have built your list by adopting a Model in which we:

  • Run a Adword ad  campaign that pushes leads to a landing/splash page in which you:
  • Offer educational content in exchange for an email address. That is a perfectly acceptable way to build your list.
  • Once you have a list you are free to Market to your list, again by adding value through:
  • Relevant content, this builds Trust and Credibility.
  • Then you work on converting your lead to an interested party and then to a Sale.


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  • Stewart says:

    Absolutely Jonathan. Selling doest not work...people buy from experts they trust...always lead with a demonstration of expertise!

    January 25, 2010 at 1:29 PM | Permalink

  • Jim says:

    Jonathan, I could not agree more. Educate, build credibility and trust.

    I like to splash around humor also: A broken keyboard walks into a bar and says, "Can someone call AAA, I lost my keys"#pun

    January 25, 2010 at 7:23 PM | Permalink


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