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In a previous discussion post I put up a SEO quiz, which yielded a good bit of feedback. For the sake of a wider audience I would like to post my answers to Bonnie's questions for everyone's edification.

What do you think of my opinions? If you were a friend of a professional with intellectual expertise, what would you recommend they learn?


There are so many micro-niches of expertise that we need to choose our battles.

It would probably take a full time job to engender the time needed to stay completely on top of this SEO niche. The more clients that I work with, the more I learn. There are best practices that should be adhered to in naming, structuring, title tagging, choosing keywords, testing keywords and following metrics to see what is working and what isn't. On one level, not that much has changed in traditional advertising and marketing techniques. One identifies the demographic and psychographics of the target audience, you test copy in the medium that you choose, and then carefully tweak the campaign, rinse and repeat.  I have gotten my method down to a process, utilizing the new fangled tools that are available to us. I always ask a lot of questions to determine our target audience yet, there are always so many nuances. As an example, lately I have had better results based on the title tags than keywords!

Where would you send them to learn what they do need to know?

There are of course numerous books on the subject along with a plethora of material on the web. Google has some really good  resources in their webmaster tools and SEO/Adword centers. 

Would you recommend they delegate to a trusted expert in this field?

If budget allows... delegating to a trusted expert will save time and could/should make you more money. There are well qualified SEO experts out there and some outlaw outfits as well.

How many keywords do you suggest a professional have on the list they use to create their VIP?

The usage of keywords is both an art and a science.  They (whoever they are), used to say have 5 keywords. Then it was 10. I don't think that there is a definitive answer.. I would use the highest rated keywords (from the search tool I'm about to recommend) and work your way down. You do not want to create keyword spam, by listing 500 words. Google doesn't like that. Once you know your target audience you can use the Google external keyword search tool to hone your search for good keywords. Once you have good keywords, you will want to enter them as Meta data in the <head> section of your page or post and... This leads into your next question.

What can someone do once they have their list of keywords? In other words, if having a list of keywords the first step or among the first steps for (almost) every professional to take, what would be some additional steps? AND how would a professional know which ones to do themselves and which they would be better off outsourcing?

There are basically two ways to come up on the first page of a Google search. Organically and by paying for ads that are keyword rich.  To make a site rise organically there are many, many factors: The age of the site, deep inbound links, the Google rating of the site. Traffic; title tags, h1 and yes... keyword rich content. Another groovy tool is SEO Density Analysis. Now we start getting into a chicken and egg situation. In which you will find the needed targeted keywords, write content that is keyword rich, re-analyze the content, rerun the Google keyword tool, this time using the option on the left side and choosing website content and around you go.

I will write about Adwords/ Pay per click in another post!

I'm thinking I'd rather see myself and others (whether or not they're my clients or yours) learn what they need to know to become an authority in their niche (like how to use keywords,) outsource the research and choosing of the best keywords, and all SEO / SEM (Search Engine Marketing) work that would help professionals become well seen, well known, and well paid, AND that we professionals spend our time doing what we love to earn the money to pay the experts we hire to do this specialized work.

Brilliant! Well said! This is what I was referring to above. Would you like to spend your day making money doing what you're excellent at or doing SEO? I think that everyone should know the basics drill, so they don't get the wool pulled over their eyes. Everyone should know how to look at the <head> Meta tags on any page to be sure that keywords are there. I am really amazed at how many sites I look at don't even have Keywords!


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  • Jim says:

    Great information and thanks for sharing your answers with us.

    BumperSticker "When there's a will --- I want to be in it!"
    SEO version: "When there's a search--- I want to be in it!"

    January 17, 2010 at 9:51 AM | Permalink


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