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  • A Treatise on Confusion

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 02/17/2010 / 2 Comments

    My teacher used to say:

    "Confusion is a high state as long as you don't stay there."

    Confusion means that something new is coming into our consciousness that we haven't quite accepted yet. An old thought form or belief system is still in place and we're not quite ready to let it go.There is a cross over between these two thought energies pulling at our mind.

    This is confusion.

    It's a high state because we are moving from an old paradigm into a new one. This is progress, evolution or involution. People who are perpetually confused and confounded are not the ..

  • Cardiologist Wanted, must have strong Cleaning Skills

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 02/02/2010 / 1 Comment

    The effects of "the economy" has hit home with Academic Institutions.  Due to Budget cuts At the University of Iowa, faculty members have been ask to 'Adapt a space' in their department's hallways, bathrooms, common areas.  Seems that the custodial department has been hit with a round of cuts and faculty members are being asked to 'adapt a space'.

    I know a gentleman who received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Iowa about 20 years ago.  He was unable to successfully land a job in his field, so he became a custodian, also known in Academia as a maintenance ..

  • Want to Be a Bestselling Author?

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 01/26/2010 / 3 Comments

    Categories: Marketing

    Here's the Rest of the story:

    By Chellie Campbell, author of Zero to Zillionaire and The Wealthy Spirit.

    The magic number for a book to be considered successful is 10,000. When The Wealthy Spirit reached 12,000 books sold, my editor called me and said, "We're ready for your next book!" And so I got the contract to write Zero to Zillionaire. The Wealthy Spirit has now sold nearly 20,000 copies and Zero to Zillionaire is approaching the magic number of 10,000 copies sold.

    The good news is you don't have to have a blockbuster like The Da Vinci Code in order ..

  • So You Want to Write a

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 01/26/2010 / 3 Comments

    Here are some interesting book industry statistics:

    1. 2% of the 200,000 books published each year become bestsellers.
    2. 84% of the bestsellers are published by the 5 largest New York publishers.
    3. 2 out of 10 books published make a profit for the publisher.
    4. In 2004, 950,000 titles out of the 1.2 million tracked by Nielsen Bookscan sold fewer than 99 copies. Another 200,000 sold fewer than 1,000 copies.
    5. Only 25,000 books sold more than 5,000 copies.
    6. The average book in America sells about 500 copies.
    7. Only 10 books sold more than a million copies in ..

  • Why 92% of All Web Sites…Don’t Work

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 01/23/2010 / 2 Comments

    92% of all websites tell what they do...not what their Clients, customers and patients GET.

    The rules of engagement have changed...

    If you don't provide a compelling, benefit driven, results oriented reason, coupled with an emotional understanding of what I really want; you don't get my business. (period)

    If you don't understand what I want, at a deep intrinsic level, you don't GET me.

    Want to sell a thousand, million, billion dollars of something?

    You will need to fulfill a deep need or want that I have.

    • The left brain buys features.
    • The right brain buys benefits.

    Guess ..

  • Spamming Vs. Building Crediabilty via Best Practices

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 01/20/2010 / 2 Comments

    In answer to a clients question about using a un-named mailing services to promote a product:

    Lets talk about spam.
    Do you like spam?
    Do you open spam?
    Do you want to be associated with spam?

    ICAN law requires that you opt-into an Email marketing campaign.
    If you Email to a list of people that have not opted in... you are a spammer.

    xxxxXXX is a reputable firm for direct mail.
    There are much more targeted and reputable ways of promoting a product.

    Write articles about Health, Water and Nutrition and post them to your hosted blog.
    Re-post these articles to ..

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 01/11/2010 / 1 Comment

    In a previous discussion post I put up a SEO quiz, which yielded a good bit of feedback. For the sake of a wider audience I would like to post my answers to Bonnie's questions for everyone's edification.

    What do you think of my opinions? If you were a friend of a professional with intellectual expertise, what would you recommend they learn?


    There are so many micro-niches of expertise that we need to choose our battles.

    It would probably take a full time job to engender the time needed to stay completely on top of this SEO niche. The more ..

  • Taming The Dragon

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 01/05/2010 / 4 Comments


    I typing class. Oceanside High School, New York 1970.  The administration felt that every student passing  through high school should be competent in typing.  Being a know- it- all teenager and photographer at heart...destined for National Geographic, I though typing was a waste of time. I so cheated.

    How do you cheat in typing class?  You look at the keys!

    Thus began the habit of pecking at keys. Little did I know that a decade later, when my father  bought my first computer, an Atari ST, (which by the way was the fastest computer available at the time ..

  • Let’s Talk Traffic Blog Traffic That is… Part 1

    Posted by Jonathan David / on 12/19/2009 / 2 Comments

    Blogs are written for various reasons: Altruism, a desire to add Value through Content, Building Credibility and Trust or Monetization of Content.  Rarely do we write purely for our own edification. The first time I had a photograph published in a newspaper as a teen, the thrill was intoxicating. We all seek to be valued for our work and contribution, the best way is to gain an ever expanding audience. 

    We will not be talking about generating relevant content today, we will begin the discussion of increasing traffic to your blog and best practices. As Web 2.0 expands, this never ..


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