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  • Virtual Worlds A Better Time Investment?

    Posted by Jim / on 01/11/2013 / 0 Comments

    Need a picture for here...or a building... John's neat 4 story one.

    Time quote

    Rapid prototyping is a strengh of Virtual worlds, at least at the begining. 

    Grab a picture of a map, put it on a piece of virtual world land make a few more simple modifications and you have a pilot training area.

     Hotel built in SL and

    Cars built and tested in SL

    improvement... multiple people multiple experiences. 


  • Floor Plans

      never go into a SL or other VW to review the following:

    • Flowcharts
    • Org Charts
    • Project Charts
    • Timelines
    • Bar Graphs & ..
  • Blog ideas and notes.

    Posted by Jim / on 01/08/2013 / 0 Comments

    from bonnie




    graphics 2D/ 3D virtual world

    Syn/ Asyc

    ---Try new behaviors in 2010.  Try a virtual world.

    upgrade picture.

  • Are you wondering through the Web 2.0 Landscape?: 4 tips to become more effective.

    Posted by Jim / on 12/21/2012 / 0 Comments

    Are you wondering through the Web 2.0 Landscape?  Now that you have a profile, what do you do with it?  Oh, and the facebook page.  Someone mentioned Twitter and I moved to another conversation.

    The networking, marketing, design, job search, manufacturing collaboration and communication landscapes are different now.  Blaming others, ignoring it or complaining will not create value for you and your organization.  However, here are 3 tips that will.

    1- Change your perspective and see web 2.0 as a dynamic business card with vast amounts of useful information.   Just like you collect a paper business card that you can ..

  • We're Spread Out All Over the Place-Draft-need image

    Posted by Jim / on 02/12/2011 / 0 Comments

    2.0 is code for global and collaborative.


    learning 2.0 and performance improvement 2.0 - using new tools, new skills, consciousness, etc. to do in a world that's gone virtual (we're spread out all over the place) using virtual worlds like SL.


    Be niched, be an expert!

  • 3D Environments Pack in More Learning

    Posted by Jim / on 04/11/2010 / 1 Comment

    Categories: 3D Virtual Worlds, Learning, Second Life, Business


    The paper age is giving way to the digital age.

    Can the virtual world's 3D environment accommodate more of the different learning styles?  Yes and many times much better than classrooms or meetings.  However there are limitations to everything and this is no exception.  3D environments are great sometimes and other times other choices are better.   Generally when the information is simple or the amount to learn is small, the extra effort of getting into a virtual world is not worth it. 

    Because the virtual world is so flexible in its ability to present the learning using visuals, sound, text ..

  • Web 2.0 Opinions

    Posted by Jim / on 04/01/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Web 2.0, Communication


    We LOVE it!!!

    Convenient, cost-effective, compact: Web 2.0 is an important foundation element of today's business infrastructure.  


    We are no nearly as excited.

    Bug-laden, time-vampire, everywhere: Web 2.0 is a cold, impersonal drain of business productivity.

    Additionally, there is no non-verbal communication.


    Which holds the most truth for you? 


    Use the comment section to tell us our opinion.  

    I am interested in your experiences good and bad.  In life there are normally tradeoffs.  What are web 2.0 tradeoffs in your life.

    Related Posts:

    **Be sure to look at Stwart's ..

  • Are Virtual Worlds Dying?

    Posted by Jim / on 03/30/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Web 2.0, Collaboration 2.0, The Future of Learning, 3D Virtual Worlds, Learning, Second Life, Communication , eLearning, Online Community


    Sail, my good Second Life friend, who has a home right next to mine in Second Life wrote a blog post that is worth a read.  You can read it here:

      Collaborating, learning and communicating in Second Life - building communities

    Some points from her post:

    • Yes, many college campus are empty, but that could be for many other reasons. For example,
      • it is hard to get around because they tried to replicate their campus in Second Life.
      • They are not encouraging professors to learn how to teach in Second Life
      • they do not have a good introduction to ..
  • Learning:Snail mail->email+800# ->Web 1.0->Web 2.0 and Me

    Posted by Jim / on 03/30/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Web 2.0, 3D Virtual Worlds, Distance Learning, Learning, eLearning, Communication


    Much of my professional life is virtual.   A friend asked about how I got to this point.  Such a simple question.  I have been so busy web 2.0ing it never crossed my mind especially the bigger time line of years.  So, here it is, the case study in a blog.  It is in chronological order.

    1981-84  AA Degree.  I took distance learning courses in a paper 1.0 world.  We used molasses mail to send assignments back and forth.  Being in the Navy on Submarines this made the molasses even thicker.  I would take an entire course on patrol with me ..

  • Information Overload & Life Balance: The Solution is a Journey

    Posted by Jim / on 03/30/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Web 2.0, Communication


    Stweart Levine's post Systemic Overload ? hits home for me.   Read Stewart's posts first because this post is the longer answer to his post. 

    My thoughts....LOL :  "Next best thing to telepathic communication - we are all connected "  Reminds me of a pun:  BumperSticker  "Help Wanted: Telepath --- You know where to apply."      Seriously, I do think we are getting too much information (TMI).   How to regulate it?  I only use Linkedin and Twitter and I stay very busy.     We have had information overload for a long time, handling it is the issue.  I treat it more as ..

  • Second Life Virtual Anatomy Lab

    Posted by Jim / on 03/29/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: The Future of Learning, 3D Virtual Worlds, eTraining, Business


    I chatted with Bonnie Dubrow about common questions that business people may have about vitual worlds. 

    What are they?  What can I do there? These two questions came up early in the conversation.  To begin answering these questons I am presenting examples.  I found the following on the Second Life Educators Discusson List (SLED). Take a minute to visit the Second Life site if you have an account, the SURL below will take you directly to the virtual anatomy lab in Second Life.  Visit their web page also to see more information on the project.


    More information:   ..


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